Has BitLQ appeared on television?

Rumours have been circulating on the net that BitLQ is affiliated with certain television shows. After extensive research, we have concluded that these rumours are incorrect.

Dragon’s Den
Dragon’s DenDragon’s Den is one of the most successful TV shows in the UK. It is famous for connecting potential investors with leading entrepreneurs.

As if by magic, this TV show has been enlisted by BitLQ. However, we have not been able to find solid evidence that this alleged association is true.

Fortunately, the hosts of this TV show have denied any affiliation between BitLQ and Dragon’s Den.

Shark Tank
Shark TankShark Tank is also an American TV show with high ratings. In fact, entrepreneurs seek funding from the country’s wealthy personalities.

There have been rumours that BitLQ is associated with the Shark Tank show. We would like to quickly inform you that this is completely false. This information comes from affiliate websites owned by crooked marketers. Source: https://www.indexuniverse.eu/bitlq-review/

This Morning
This MorningAnother rumour that has been making the rounds on the web is that there is some affiliation between BitLQ and This Morning.

We have done extensive research and have reassured the business community that this is fake news. And if you still come across such information, please ignore it as soon as possible.

BitLQ and celebrities

BitLQ and celebritiesThe role of celebrities in promoting product brands is well established. The image alone of these personalities allows websites to generate traffic and affluence.

Regarding BitLQ, rumours are constantly circulating on the internet that the robot is endorsed by high profile personalities and celebrities, including

Xavier Niel
Elon Musk
Jim Davidson
Richard Branson
Kylian Mbappé
Fabio Fazio
Lorenzo Jovanotti
And many others
According to our objective investigation, these allegations are completely false. The celebrities mentioned above have spared no expense in denying these crazy rumours. What’s more, this information is not mentioned on the official BitLQ website.

The result of our research is clear: these rumours have been put online by marketing affiliates looking for notoriety. And these false allegations can discredit this automatic trading software.

Despite the fact that these rumours are false, the robot is functional and active.

BitLQ: the verdict!

Overall, the opinions on BitLQ are very mixed, especially since the software is loved by many and hated by some users.

However, we found that the automated trading robot makes it easy to trade cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it works in collaboration with brokers approved by financial authorities and guarantees the security of funds.

However, we found that the supposed profits seem exaggerated. There is no proof or guarantee of the profits the bot claims to generate. You should always remember that trading crypto-assets is volatile.

In conclusion, we encourage you to learn the risks of trading before investing with BitLQ.

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