Hackers Target Telegram, WhatsApp Users With Trojanized Apps To Steal Crypto

• ESET discovered malicious copycat Telegram and WhatsApp apps targeting Android and Windows users
• These malicious apps are designed to steal victims‘ cryptocurrencies with clippers, a form of malware that either steals or alters clipboard contents
• The trojanized apps also employ OCR technology to identify text within screenshots saved on the infected devices

Malicious Copycat Telegram and WhatsApp Apps

ESET recently discovered many copycat Telegram and WhatsApp websites targeting Android and Windows users with trojanized versions of instant messaging apps, all were designed to steal victims‘ cryptos. These malicious apps are classified as clippers, a form of malware that either steals or alters clipboard contents. They specifically target victims‘ cryptocurrency funds, some even directly focus on their cryptocurrency wallets. This is the first time Android clippers have been found built into instant messaging apps, marking a new frontier for cybercriminals.

Clipper Malware

The primary objective of these clippers is to intercept victims‘ messaging interactions and substitute any transmitted or received cryptocurrency wallet addresses with those controlled by the attackers. This allows cybercriminals to pilfer funds from unwitting users who rely on the trojanized apps for conducting cryptocurrency transactions. In addition to the trojanized WhatsApp and Telegram Android apps, ESET researchers also found malicious Windows versions of the same app bundled with remote access trojans (RATs). These RATs provide attackers with even more control over the victims‘ devices, enabling them to steal sensitive information as well as perform other malicious activities.

Google’s App Defense Alliance

Following ESET’s discovery of the first Android clipper on Google Play, Google enhanced Android security by limiting system-wide clipboard operations for background applications on Android versions 10 and above through their App Defense Alliance. This strengthened security prevents background applications from reading data from the system’s clipboard without explicit user consent.

Protecting Yourself From Clipper Malware

In order to protect yourself against similar attacks in future it is important that you remain vigilant when downloading applications onto your device as there may be hidden malicious code embedded inside them waiting for an opportunity to execute itself in order not just steal your cryptocurrencies but other sensitive information too such as passwords etc., so make sure you always check reviews before downloading anything especially if it looks suspiciously like an existing application like what happened here with these copycat websites. Additionally it would be helpful if you enable two factor authentication (2FA) where ever possible in order protect your accounts from being compromised further down the line if one of your passwords does become exposed due this type attack or another kind altogether .


It is clear that hackers are continually developing new ways to target unsuspecting people who use social media platforms such as those provided by Telegram and Whatsapp . As such it is important that individuals take measures such keeping an eye out for suspicious activity , using 2FA whenever possible , and double checking reviews before downloading any applications in order protect themselves against these types attacks in future .

SVB Financial Group Plunges 60% as Crypto Investors Urge Firms to Pull Cash

Silicon Valley Bank Stock Plunges

• Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) shares plunge after the bank announces a stock offering of $1.75 billion and a separate purchase of $500 million common stock by private equity firm General Atlantic to shore up its balance sheet.
• Hedge funds, such as Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and Pantera Capital, have recommended that portfolio firms remove their cash from the failing Silicon Valley Bank.
• Silvergate Bank’s failure has further complicated things for SVB as many cryptocurrency firms are now searching for new banking options.

Panic Among Traders

The announcement of Silicon Valley Bank’s financial difficulties triggered panic among traders, causing both stock and crypto markets to go into the red. The shares of SVB Financial Group, the parent business of Silicon Valley Bank, experienced a dramatic decrease in prices by more than 60%. On March 10 pre-market trading, it lost another 44%.

Hedge Funds Urge Investors To Withdraw

In response to this news, several venture capital investors in cryptocurrency have advised companies they sponsor to investigate opening multiple accounts and removing assets from Silicon Valley bank. Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and Pantera Capital are two hedge funds that have recommended portfolio firms do so.

Cryptocurrency Firms Searching For New Banking Options

The failure of cryptocurrency-friendly Silvergate Bank earlier this week has made it difficult for SVB at a time when many cryptocurrency firms are looking for other banking choices. Many users have taken to Twitter with complaints about difficulty logging into their accounts with the bank. Despite being a popular choice among tech companies in the United States, these recent issues may cause customers to look elsewhere for banking services.


Silicon Valley Bank is facing increasing pressure due to failing stock prices and competition from other banks aimed at cryptocurrency customers. As venture capital investors urge companies they sponsor to move their assets away from SVB, customers may be left with little choice but to find alternate solutions for their banking needs in the near future.

BUSD Market Cap Plunges $14B; Delisting Fears Loom

• BUSD’s market cap has dropped to an all-time low due to regulatory crackdown and fears of delisting from Coinbase.
• Coinbase plans to delist BUSD on March 13th, citing liquidity concerns and not meeting their listing standards.
• Three US senators have also pressed Binance for accountability regarding the coin’s performance.

BUSD Market Cap Drops

BUSD’s market cap has dropped below $10 billion from its all-time high set at $23.49 billion on Nov. 15, 2022. The market cap drop is a new all-time low in the past two years as the coin faces a regulatory crackdown from the US authorities and possible delisting from Coinbase. The value was at $9.66 billion on March 3, 2023, a low that has not been recorded since June 29, 2021.

Delisting From Coinbase

Coinbase, a major US crypto exchange platform, tweeted on Feb 27, 2023, that it plans to delist Binance USD on March 13, 2023, 12 pm ET. The platform cited that BUSD did not meet their listing standards based on their recent reviews. The suspension will affect simple and advanced trading on Coinbase Pro, Coinbase.com, Coinbase Prime, and Coinbase Exchange but investors can still access their BUSD funds and withdraw anytime.

Accountability Questioned By Senators

The market cap decline happened as three US senators wrote a letter to the Department of Justice asking for an investigation into potential manipulation surrounding Tether (USDT) and other leading stablecoins such as USD Coin (USDC) and Binance USD (BUSD). In addition to this inquiry by those three senators there were also inquiries made by two other Senate committees on how these coins are regulated in the United States with regards to anti-money laundering regulations (AML)and consumer protections laws concerning use cases like gambling sites or darknet markets .

Impact On Other Crypto Assets

The news of possible delisting of BUSD has had an impact on other crypto assets as well; most notably being that of the Binance exchange token price (BNB), which has dropped since the news was released by Coinbase. Additionally Brian Armstrong CEO of Coinbase said in a Bloomberg TV appearance that they are suspending it because of concerns over liquidity due to Paxos’s halt in minting after receiving orders from New York Department of Financial Services(NYDFS).


It is clear that regulatory issues have had an effect on both the value and usage of stablecoins such as BUSD; however it remains unclear what further setbacks may occur if more investigations take place or if other exchanges follow suit in delisting them altogether which could severely impact how we use digital currencies in our daily lives going forward .

Altcoins Could Tank, Warns Trader Pentoshi: Crypto Market Analysis

• Well-known cryptocurrency trader and analyst Pentoshi shared a warning to investors and traders, stating that the market might be slowing down due to tired altcoins.
• Pentoshi’s decision to be more cautious in his trading is a sign that he’s taking a more conservative approach to the market.
• His tweet is a reminder that the crypto industry is always changing and investors need to stay alert and adapt quickly to new conditions.

Crypto Warning from Well-Known Trader

Well-known cryptocurrency trader and analyst Pentoshi has tweeted a warning about the current state of the crypto market, citing concerns over momentum and tired altcoins. His decision to be „less aggressive“ in the market could be a sign of caution for other traders as well.

Pentoshi Feeling Less Confident

In his tweet, Pentoshi admitted that he was feeling less confident in the market than he was just a week ago. He pointed out that many altcoins looked „tired“ and there were „momentum concerns.“ This could mean that prices may start to stabilize after a period of growth, or it may mean that interest in cryptocurrencies is starting to die down.

Adapting To Changing Market Conditions

The world of cryptocurrency can be unpredictable at times, with prices soaring one day then plummeting the next. Investors and traders need to stay alert and ready to adapt their strategies when needed in order not miss out on potential opportunities or losses. Pentoshi’s words will likely have an impact on market sentiment, so it’s important for everyone involved in crypto trading to keep an eye on what he says in the future.

Why Is This Warning Important?

Since Pentoshi has extensive experience in trading cryptos, his opinion carries weight among investors and traders alike. His decision to take a more conservative approach could be seen as an example for others who are looking for ways to minimize risk while still taking advantage of potential gains from trading digital assets. By being aware of potential changes in the industry, people can make informed decisions about how they want their money invested or traded accordingly.


Pentoshi’s warning should serve as a reminder that even though cryptocurrency markets can yield big rewards they can also carry high risks if not managed properly. By keeping an eye on what experienced analysts like him say about upcoming trends and news, people can stay ahead of possible changes in order maximize their profits while minimizing their losses..

Binance Proposes Trust-Building Framework for CEXs

• Binance has released a policy paper proposing a framework of guidelines for centralized exchanges (CEXs) to foster industry transparency, trust, and safety.
• The framework outlines several measures CEXes could take to promote transparency, bolster safety and customer trust such as preventing the unauthorized use of customer assets and providing robust disclosure methods to verify the safety of their crypto assets.
• Binance has also urged centralized crypto businesses to imbibe proper risk management by refraining from running their operations with borrowed funds and creating user protection funds.

Binance Proposes Transparency Framework for CEXs

Binance has released a policy paper proposing a detailed, actionable framework of guidelines that centralized exchanges (CEXs) could follow to foster industry transparency, trust, and safety. In light of recent dark events in the cryptocurrency space such as the FTX collapse and other high-profile bankruptcies, regulators across various jurisdictions are tightening their grip on market participants.

Measures To Promote Transparency & Safety

The proposed framework outlines several measures that CEXes could take to promote transparency and bolster safety and customer trust such as preventing the unauthorized use of customer assets and building secure crypto custody solutions that allow for seamless depositing/withdrawal of funds. Additionally, customers should be able to verify the safety of their crypto assets under custody via robust disclosure methods such as proof of reserves which must be technically adequate, updated regularly and based on reliable technology like zk-SNARKs which cannot be falsified.

Risk Management Practices

Binance has also urged centralized crypto businesses to practice proper risk management by refraining from running their operations with borrowed funds, creating user protection funds that would cushion the effects of unforeseen circumstances such as a heist on customers and properly collateralizing loans.

Industry Reactions

Recent reports suggest that the global cryptocurrency industry is cautiously welcoming Binance’s initiative with some exchanges already committing themselves to adopt a few measures outlined in this policy paper. This move will likely increase investor confidence in the sector while simultaneously boosting its adoption rate worldwide.


Overall, Binance’s proposal is an encouraging step forward towards establishing greater trust between users and cryptocurrencies exchanges while bringing more clarity into an oftentimes opaque market space.

3AC Exchange Launch Sparks Controversy, Crypto Community Outraged

• 3AC founders and Coinflex have launched Open Exchange (OPNX), the world’s first public marketplace for crypto claims trading and derivatives.
• The project was initiated due to Zhu Su’s desire to rebuild trust after the devastating collapse of 3AC last year.
• However, the launch has been met with criticism from members of the crypto community who are disappointed with the status of the crypto space.

3AC Founders Launch Open Exchange

Despite Zhu Su’s attempts to rebuild trust after the devastating collapse of 3AC last year, investors have not yet recovered from the wounds caused. In order to move forward, a new collaborative project between 3AC founders and Coinflex has been launched – Open Exchange (OPNX) – which will be the world’s first public marketplace for trading in crypto claims and derivatives.

Project Details

The official website for this project went live on Feb. 9th, aiming to become “the most transparent centralized exchange in the future (CEX).” Every balance, liquidation, withdrawal, deposit and trade on OPNX will be verified through real-time public cryptographic audits.

Zhu Su’s Reasoning

In June 2022 after 3AC fell, Zhu Su claimed that it was necessary to resume after a dark period. He said he had met with Coinflex CEO during this time in order for them both to advance crypto adoption further.

The Crypto Community Responds

However, upon launching OPNX investors were met with criticism from members of the crypto community who voiced their frustrations with current state of affairs in regards to cryptocurrency projects overall.


Despite some pushback from members of the community regarding this project being spearheaded by an insolvent hedge fund, it appears that OPNX is still making progress towards its goals as it continues to develop into a transparent centralized exchange platform which could potentially help revive trust in cryptocurrencies once more.

U.S. Jobs Figures Push Bitcoin Price Down to $23,370

• U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 517,000 new jobs in January and the unemployment rate fell to 3.4%.
• The new job creation figure surpassed the 185,000 anticipated by Wall Street economists.
• This news caused Bitcoin prices to fall to $23,370 and Fitch Ratings chief economist Brian Coulton has predicted two or more rate hikes from the Fed due to these numbers.

U.S Job Figures Impact Bitcoin Price

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) published their January labor report which revealed that the non-farm payrolls increased by 517,000 compared to the 185,000 expected by Wall Street analysts. As a result, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.4% against an anticipated 3.6%. This higher than average monthly increase was largely attributed to gains in health care, professional and business services, leisure and hospitality as well as government sectors due mainly to a university worker’s strike return back in action. However, despite this positive news of job growth, average hourly earnings decreased year over year which may lead investors into believing that inflation is on the horizon again with an estimated 4.4% decrease in comparison with December 2022’s 4.6% decrease on the same parameter .

Federal Reserve Response

Chief Economist at Fitch Ratings Brian Coulton had initially predicted only one Federal Reserve (Fed) rate hike prior to this announcement but revised his estimates after seeing these figures expecting two or more rate hikes from them instead due to fears of inflation again following this data release . These numbers have also caused a stir in both traditional and crypto markets with its post-FOMC announcement earlier this week about beginning their „disinflationary process“ having been reversed now .

Bitcoin Price Fall

The news of these higher than expected job figures caused Bitcoin prices to take a tumble down from its previous rally earlier this week when Powell made his announcement dropping it down from its previous heights hitting $23370 shortly after this report was released .

Impact On Economy

These tough economic times have been further thrust forward despite reaching target number of new jobs created something that will be cause for further concern among many who are affected by such issues directly or indirectly through changes in market conditions brought forth by such declarations .


It remains unclear how far reaching the effects of today’s U.S labor report will be but what is clear is that it has already started having an impact on cryptocurrency markets with bitcoin being one of those most affected so far showing just how important labor statistics can be when predicting future market movements .

Taxpayers: Know Your Crypto Reporting Obligations Before 2022 Tax Deadline

• The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently published a list of reporting obligations for cryptos as the time for filing the 2022 federal income tax return draws near.
• All US citizens must answer all crypto-related questions, irrespective of their activity.
• Eligible taxpayers must record all revenue associated with their transactions involving digital assets in addition to marking the „yes“ box.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently released a list of reporting obligations for the general public regarding their cryptocurrency activities as the deadline for filing 2022 federal income tax returns draws nearer. The new regulations require all US citizens, regardless of their activity, to answer all questions related to cryptocurrency on their tax forms, with the IRS suggesting that the ‘yes’ box be ticked for all questions.

The taxation incentives apply to those who acquire, transfer, or sell cryptocurrency for any financial gain, including mining and staking. This includes any revenue associated with transactions involving digital assets, with the IRS recommending that ‘no’ be marked only if crypto assets have simply been held or transferred between wallets or bought with fiat currency.

The IRS has replaced the phrase “virtual money” with “digital assets” in its updated tax forms, with the new phrase appearing on three different forms, namely the 1040 Individual Income Tax Return, the 1040-SR US Tax Return for Seniors, and the 1040-NR US Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return.

With the new regulations, the IRS seeks to ensure that all taxpayers are aware of their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions. The agency has also proposed that Arizona residents vote on changing the state’s constitution to include a provision for cryptocurrency in the state’s taxation framework.

It is important for taxpayers to be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions, as failure to comply with the new regulations could result in hefty fines or other legal action. The IRS encourages all taxpayers to take the time to review the updated information related to digital asset taxation, and to make sure that they understand their responsibilities as a taxpayer. With the 2022 federal income tax return deadline quickly approaching, it is important for taxpayers to be aware of their obligations and to ensure that they are in compliance with the new regulations.

Argo Blockchain Regains Nasdaq Compliance, Averts Bankruptcy

• Argo Blockchain regains compliance with Nasdaq Listing Rules after fulfilling the minimum bid price requirement of $1.00.
• Argo received notice of compliance from Nasdaq on Jan. 23, 2023, after its ARBK shares maintained the required minimum bid price of $1.00 for ten consecutive trading days.
• Nasdaq confirmed the matter to be closed after Argo fulfilled the bid price requirement before June 12, 2023.

Argo Blockchain, a major cryptocurrency mining company, has just achieved an important milestone. On Jan. 23, 2023, the firm was granted notice of compliance from Nasdaq’s Listing Qualifications Department, signifying that the crypto miner regained compliance with the listing rule of the American stock exchange giant.

This compliance was achieved after Argo’s ARBK shares maintained the required minimum bid price of $1.00 for ten consecutive trading days, which was fulfilled on Jan. 13, 2023. This was after the firm earlier received a notice from Nasdaq on Dec. 16, 2022, stating that the company’s stock closed below the minimum $1.00 for 30 consecutive trading days. The firm was given until June 12, 2023 to rectify the situation.

In response to this news, Argo Blockchain released a press release, stating that Nasdaq had confirmed the matter to be closed after the firm fulfilled the bid price requirement. This is a major victory for the company, as it had previously faced liquidity issues and was making efforts to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

The news of Argo Blockchain regaining compliance with Nasdaq’s listing rules marks an important milestone for the firm. Not only does it mean that the firm has regained its trading rights on the stock exchange, but it also signifies that the firm’s liquidity problems have been addressed and that the company is on its way to financial stability. This is sure to bring a sense of relief to the company, as well as its shareholders and investors.

Earn 7.5% APR Staking ETH on Ethereum – Maximize Your Crypto Returns!

• Ethereum stakers are now receiving a 7.5% APR reward for staking their coins.
• The reward is made up of 4.2% from network issuance, 2.3% from tips, and 1% from Maximal Extractable Value (MEV).
• Ethereum enabled coin staking from early December 2022, and the number of ETH stakers is expected to continue increasing.

Ethereum, the largest smart contract platform, is now offering an attractive incentive for its users to stake their coins. On-chain data has revealed that individuals staking on Ethereum are now receiving a 7.5% APR reward for doing so. This reward is made up of 4.2% from network issuance, 2.3% from tips, and 1% from Maximal Extractable Value (MEV). This makes staking on Ethereum a lucrative proposition for coin holders who wish to hold while earning above-average yields on their assets.

Ethereum enabled coin staking from early December 2022, allowing users to choose a validator node and stake their coins. Validators are entities living in the network and participating in consensus, and by staking ETH on these nodes, the protocol is able to automatically punish bad actors by slashing their stake. This helps to make the network more secure and decentralized.

The staking reward is also beneficial from an environmental perspective. This is because validators don’t have to use expensive gear to mine coins as they did before. Instead, all they need is at least 32 ETH. Data from trackers showing coins deposited on the Beacon Chain shows that there is presently over $25.2b of ETH locked.

As Ethereum continues to incentivize its community to stake their assets, the number of ETH stakers is expected to maintain an upward trajectory. This is great news for coin holders who have been looking for ways to generate passive income on their assets. With the 7.5% APR reward available for staking, Ethereum is certainly the platform to watch for those looking to maximize their returns on their cryptocurrency holdings.