On Sunday, 13 December, the Royal Family of Serbia commemorated the baptismal feast (Slava) of St. Andrew the First Called. Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine marked the occasion in New York with His Grace Bishop Irinej of Eastern America. The crown prince stated: 

Slava is one of the most important Serbian customs, and a very important day in the year for each Serbian Orthodox family. In previous years, we celebrated Slava in our Belgrade, with our Patriarch Irinej, with family and friends. Unfortunately, this year is much different. All of us have tragically lost our great spiritual leader, our Patriarch Irinej. My family and I are grateful for all the moments spent with His Holiness, for every wise word and advice he gave us.

Celebrating Slava is an opportunity to gather family and friends. We pray to Saint Andrew the First Called and to the Lord to give us the strength to overcome these challenging times, that when the pandemic ends, we will continue the tradition of our ancestors and pass on the legacy to future generations.

Prince Philip and Princess Danica with their son Prince Stefan marked Slava at Oplenac. They were joined by cousins Prince Mihailo and Princess Ljubica with their daughter Princess Natalija. Princess Linda, the widow of Prince Tomislav and mother of Prince Mihailo, was also present. 


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