Amy Lascelles

Amy Rose Lascelles (b.26 June 1986), the partner of Matthew Michael Bolton (b.1990), gave birth to a son, Marlow Fox (Lascelles) Bolton on Monday, 20 July 2020. Marlow is the newest descendent of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

George Lascelles, Earl of Harewood

Amy Lascelles is the daughter of the Honourable (Robert) Jeremy Hugh Lascelles (b.14 February 1955) and his first wife Julie Baylis (b.19 July 1957). Amy is a granddaughter of the late 7th Earl of Harewood (1923-2011) and his first wife Marion Stein (1926-2014).

Princess Mary and the Earl of Harewood on their wedding day
Baby Marlow is a great-great-grandson of Princess Mary, the Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood (1897-1965). The infant is a great-great-great-grandson of King George V (1865-1936) and Queen Mary (1867-1953).

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