The Bourbon-Parma/Austria nuptials
HRH Prince Henri of Bourbon-Parma and HI&RH Archduchess Gabriella of Austria were married today at Schloß Tratzberg in Jenbach, Austria. Archduchess Gabriella wore the Grand Duchess Adelaide TiaraFather Paul Habsburg (b.1968; né Archduke of Austria; son of Archduke Michael of Austria and Archduchess Christina [née Princess zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenburg]), a cousin of the bride, was one of the officiants. Among the guests were Bourbon-Parmas, Habsburgs, Hohenbergs, Holstein-Ledreborgs, Liechtensteins, and Luxembourgs.

Prince Henri Luitpold Antoine Victor Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma was born at Roskilde, Denmark, on 14 October 1991. Henri is the youngest child and second son of Prince Erik of Bourbon-Parma (b.1953) and Countess Lydia Holstein-Ledreborg (b.1955), who married in 1980 and divorced in 1999. Henri’s paternal grandparents are Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma (1926-2018) and Princess Yolande of Broglie-Revel (1928-2014). Henri’s maternal grandparents are Count Knud Holstein-Ledreborg (1919-2001) and Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg (b.1925).

Archduchess Gabriella Maria Pilar Yolande Joséphine-Charlotte of Austria was born at Geneva on 26 March 1994. Gabriella is the youngest child and second daughter of Archduke Carl Christian of Austria (b.1954) and Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg (b.1954), who married in 1982. Gabriella’s paternal grandparents are Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria (1918-2007) and Princess Yolande de Ligne (b.1923). Gabriella’s maternal grandparents are Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (1921-2019) and Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium (1927-2005).

Prince Henri and Archduchess Gabriella became engaged on 22 October 2017 in Switzerland. The pair are second cousins: both are great-grandchildren of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg and her husband Prince Félix (1893-1970; né Bourbon-Parma). Interestingly, Henri’s parents Eric and Lydia are second cousins; Gabriella’s parents Carl Christian and Marie Astrid are also second cousins. Henri and Gabriella have a daughter, Victoria Antonia Marie-Astrid Lydia, who was born on 30 October 2017 at Geneva.

Congratulations to Henri and Gabriella!

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