The coffin of the princess inside Basilica di Santa Maria della Steccata.

On Friday, 27 August 2021, the funeral mass of Princess Marie-Thérèse (Maria Teresa) of Bourbon-Parma took place at 4:30pm in the Basilica di Santa Maria della Steccata in the city of Parma. Stemming from precautions around the novel coronavirus pandemic, the service was not publicly announced beforehand. The funeral card for the princess contained the Poem of St. Teresa of Avila, provided below in its English translation: 

Let nothing frighten you, all things pass away.  

God never changes, patience obtains all things. 

He who has God finds he lacks nothing; God alone suffices. 
The Duke and Duchess of Parma and other members of the Ducal Family.
Photo (c) RoyalBlog NL / Hans Jacobs.

The funeral mass of Princess Marie-Thérèse was attended by four of her nieces and nephews (some of whom were accompanied by their spouses and children): Prince Carlos Javier and Princess Annemarie, Duke and Duchess of Parma and Piacenza; Prince Jaime, Count of Bardi; Princess Margarita, Countess of Colorno; and Princess Maria Carolina, Marchioness of Sala. After the mass, the princess was interred in the crypt under the basilica next to her beloved brother, the late Prince Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma (1930-2010), former husband of Princess Irene of the Netherlands. 

A view of the funeral mass.
Photo (c) RoyalBlog NL / Hans Jacobs.

Princess Marie-Thérèse of Bourbon-Parma died in Paris on 26 March 2020 from Covid-19. 

You can read Eurohistory’s obituary of the princess here: In Memory of a Red Princess: The Passing of Marie-Thérèse of Bourbon-Parma (1933-2020)

For more information about the funeral of the princess, you can read RoyalBlog NL’s article here: 

Uitvaart prinses Maria Teresa in Parma

Note: My utmost thanks to Hans Jacobs of RoyalBlog NL for allowing the use of his photographs from yesterday’s ceremony. 

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