The coffin of the Duke of Aosta.
Princess Silvia of Savoy, Dowager Duchess of Aosta, aided by one of her granddaughters, leaves the church following the funeral of her husband.

The funeral of Prince Amedeo of Savoy, 5th Duke of Aosta, took place on Friday, 4 June, at the Basilica di San Miniato al Monte in Florence. The presiding celebrant at the funeral mass was Father Bernardo Gianni, Prior of the Olivetan Monastery of San Miniato al Monte. Due to restrictions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, attendance inside the church was limited to 100 individuals. The family of the late duke were present: Princess Silvia of Savoy, Dowager Duchess of Aosta; Princess Claude d’Orléans; Prince Aimone and Princess Olga of Savoy, Duke and Duchess of Aosta, with their children; Princess Bianca of Savoy, Countess Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga, with her children; and Princess Mafalda of Savoy with her children. 

Prince Umberto of Savoy, Prince of Piedmont, carries the collar of the Supreme Order of the Most Holy Annunciation, which belonged to his grandfather the late Duke of Aosta. 
Prince Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of the Abruzzi, departs the funeral of his grandfather.
Prince Aimone and Princess Olga of Savoy, the new Duke and Duchess of Aosta, leave the funeral together with their daughter Princess Isabella of Savoy.

Members of the Frescobaldi, Corsini, and Guicciardini noble families were in attendance. Representatives of the Unione Monarchica Italiana were present; since 2006, the late Duke of Aosta was considered by many Italian monarchists to be the Head of the Royal House of Savoy. The funeral of Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, may be watched in full at this link: L’ultimo saluto al Principe.

Princess Claude d’Orleans with a granddaughter; Princess Olga of Savoy, Duchess of Aosta, with her son Prince Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi; and Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Aosta, with his daughter Princess Isabella of Savoy (face obscured).
The three eldest grandsons of the late Duke of Aosta: Count Leonardo Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga, Prince Umberto of Savoy, and Nobile Carlo Lombardo di San Chirico.
Princess Mafalda of Savoy looks after the arrangements on top of her father’s coffin before it is transported from the church.

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