The Coat of Arms of the Comital House of Einsiedel.

On 26 July 1922, Countess Elinka Karin Harriet von Einsiedel was born as the only child of Count Adolkar  Haubold Siegfried von Einsiedel (1889-1963) and Margot Luigina Ilma von Gans (1889-1984/1986). Margot von Gans married Count Adolkar von Eisiedel on 1 October 1921. Margot and Adolkar divorced in 1925.  Elinka was the paternal granddaughter of Count Clemens Adolf von Einsiedel (1853-1917) and Countess Caroline von Armin (1865-1898). Elinka was the maternal granddaughter of Dr. Paul Friedrich von Gans (1866-1915) and Baroness Eilinka von Fabrice (1875-1935).

Countess Margot von Eisiedel.
The documentation of the death of Baron Claus von Bischoffshausen, Elinka’s half-brother.
Harold E. Rydon.

Margot von Gans had been previously married. In 1917, when she was eighteen, Margot wed Baron Werner von Bischoffshausen (1894–1970). The couple had one son, Baron Claus-Henning von Bischoffshausen (1919-killed in action 1942). Margot and Werner divorced in 1921. After her parting from Count von Eisiedel, Margot von Gans remarried once more. In 1947, Margot wed Harold Edwin Rydon (1890–1970). After being widowed, Margot moved to Denmark, where she passed away in 1984.

Peter Ordway.
Elinka Ordway’s petition to become a naturalised US citizen.

On 21 February 1945 at Munich, Countess Elinka von Einsiedel firstly married Ernst Bierlein (Munich 26 February 1920-3 January 2009). The couple had two children, a son and a daughter: Peter Michael Bierlein (b.Munich 3 December 1945) and Marie Blanche “Blanca” Bierlein (b.Munich 10 December 1954). Elinka and Ernst divorced in 1957. On 2 September 1957 at Munsing, Countess Elinka von Einsiedel secondly married Walter Rupprecht (b.Basel 26 February 1924). The couple had one son: Carl Alexander Rupprecht (Málaga 29 October 1962-Chacao, Caracas 28 September 2008; adopted by his stepfather Peter Ordway and assumed the surname Ordway). Elinka and Walter divorced in 1970. On 19 March 1975, Countess Elinka von Einsiedel married Peter Ordway (St. Paul, Minnesota 26 March 1916-3 August 2001) in the Dominican Republic. In 1990, Elinka Ordway filed a petition to become a citizen of the United States. She and her husband Peter lived in Florida.

Countess Elinka von Einsiedel, Mrs. Peter Ordway, died in late 2015. Elinka was survived by her son Peter Bierlein and her daughter Marie Blanche Bierlein Brillembourg; and by her grandchildren Boris A. Blatnik (b.1978), Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark (b.1980), and Elinka Ordway Pardo (b.2002).

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