On 25 June 1969, Marie-Liesse Claude Anne Rolande de Rohan-Chabot was born at Paris as the first child of Count Louis-Mériadec de Rohan-Chabot (b.1937) and his wife Princess Isabelle Marie Laurence Mathilde de Bauffremont-Courtenay (b.1944). Louis and Isabelle had married in 1968. Marie-Liesse was joined by five siblings: Thibault (b.1970), Eléonore (b.1973), Jacques (b.1976), Charles (b.1984), and Louis (b.1990).




On 19 June 1999, Marie-Liesse de Rohan-Chabot and Prince Eudes d’Orléans, Duke of Angoulême, were wed in a civil ceremony at Dreux. During the ceremony, Eudes’s paternal grandfather the Count of Paris died at home, aged ninety. The Countess of Paris was present for the civil service, along with her son Prince Henri, Count of Clermont, and her former daughter-in-law Princess Marie-Thérèse, Duchess of Montpensier (née Württemberg), these being the parents of Prince Eudes.

The Duke of Angoulême and his mother the Duchess of Montpensier


The Duchess of Angoulême and her father Count Louis de Rohan-Chabot


The Duke and Duchess of Angoulême with their families after their religious wedding

Eudes and Marie-Liesse were married in a religious service on 10 July 1999 at Antrain. The witnesses for the groom were his brother Prince Jean, Duke of Vendôme, his first cousin Prince Gennaro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, and Monsieur Henri Lecharny. The witnesses for the bride were her mother Isabelle, her sister Eléonore, and Madame Florence Bouteiller.

The Duke and Duchess of Angoulême have two children: Princess Thérèse (b.2001) and Prince Pierre (b.2003).

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