Soledad Martorell y Castillejo, 8th Duquesa de Almenara Alta, died on 6 August 2022 in Madrid.

Sol’s parents.

Born on 8 July 1924 at Madrid, María Soledad “Sol” Martorell y Castillejo was the daughter of Don Francisco de Borja Martorell y Téllez-Girón, 7th Duque de Almenara Alta (1898-1936), an aide to King Alfonso XIII of Spain, and María de los Dolores Castillejo y Wall (1898-1983), lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria Eugenia. Sol was joined by two younger sisters: doña María de la Concepción Martorell y Castillejo, Condesa de Alba de Liste (1926-2017), and doña María de los Ángeles Martorell y Castillejo, Marquesa de Villel (d.2021). Their father was killed during the Spanish Civil War.

On 4 June 1948 at the Iglesia de Santa Bárbara in Madrid, Soledad married Juan Pedro Soto y Domecq (d.2004). The couple had nine children: María del Carmen de Soto y Martorell, Condesa de Darnius (b.1952), María de la Soledad de Soto y Martorell; Francisco de Borja de Soto y Martorell, Duque de Escalona (1954-1997); María Inmaculada de Soto y Martorell; María del Patrocinio de Soto y Martorell; Juan Pedro de Soto y Martorell, Marqués de la Lapilla; Dolores de Soto y Martorell; Fernando de Soto y Martorell, Marqués de Paredes; and Manuel de Soto y Martorell, Marqués de Albranca. 

May the Duchess Rest in Peace.


Soledad Martorell Castillejo, la discreta señora de ‘cas Duc’ que amaba Menorca

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