Nicoletta, Duchess di Serracapriola, 2014.

On Friday, 21 May, Donna Nicoletta Maresca Baldasano Montanari Bianchini, Duchessa di Serracapriola, died at eighty-two years-old.

Born at Bologna on 28 March 1939, Nicoletta was the daughter of Marchese Riccardo Baldasano Montanari Bianchini (b.1914) and Lydia Maccaferri (1915-1993), who married in 1938.

Nicoletta and Antonino, Rome, 1989.
Photograph (c) Marcellino Radogna.

On 24 February 1966, Nicoletta dei Marchesi Baldasano Montanari Bianchini married Neapolitan noble Marchese Don Antonino Maresca Donnorso Correale Revertera (Naples 3 November 1924-Bologna 24 October 2007), 11th Duca di Salandra, 6th Duca di Serracapriola, 8th Conte di Tricarico, and 5th Conte di Tronco. Nicoletta’s father-in-law was Marchese Don Giovanni Maresca Donnorso Correale Revertera (1893-1971), an Italian soldier, politician, entrepreneur, and athlete. Antonino and Nicoletta did not have children, and, upon Antonino’s death in 2007, the family titles passed to his first cousin Nicola.

Prince Ferdinando of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, and Nicolleta, Duchessa di Sarracapriola, Rome, 1995.
Photograph (c) Marcellino Radogna.

The Duchessa di Serracapriola was Dame Grand Cross of Justice of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George. Her funeral will take place on 25 May at the Chiesa dei Padre Filippini in Bologna. 

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