Count Bertram at an exhibition of his art, 1997.
Photo (c) Seeger-Presse.

Born on 12 July 1932 at Golßen, Count Bertram Friedrich zu Castell-Rüdenhausen was the first child of Count Friedrich zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (1906-1940) and Princess Karoline-Mathilde “Calma” of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1912-1983), who wed in 1931. Bertram was joined by two younger siblings: Count Conradin (1933-2011; married Marta Lönegren) and Countess Viktoria (b.1935; married Sir John Miles Huntington-Whiteley, 4th Baronet). In 1938, Bertram’s parents divorced; that same year, his mother Princess Calma married Captain Max Schnirring, a union that gave Bertram three younger half-siblings. In 1939, his father married Countess Elizabeth zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, a union that gave Bertram a younger half-brother.

The Royal Bridges organisation provides an insightful look into Bertram’s education and career:

“After sporadically attending school, he was educated as a wood-carver, building fitter, and grain merchant. For four years, Castell served as a Federal Border Guard (Bundesgrenzschutzbeamter), followed by work as a salesman for beauty care and hygiene products, as an ice cream vendor and a bookseller.

In 1963, Castell moved to Vienna, Austria, where he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der bildenden Künste) to study painting in Herbert Boeckl’s master class. Since 1965 he has been working as a freelance artist, graphic designer, art director, creative director, and occasionally as a bartender and decorator.”

On 10 October 1964 at Vienna, Count Bertram zu Castell-Rüdenhausen married Countess Felizitas von Auersperg (b.1944). The couple have two sons: Count Dominik (b.1965) and Count Michael (b.1967). 

Count Bertram is a first cousin of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, as their mothers were sisters.

Our best wishes to Count Bertram on his birthday!

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