Prince Eduard of Anhalt, 2020.
Photo (c) Getty Images / Picture Alliance.

Today, Prince Eduard of Anhalt celebrates his eightieth birthday!

The baptism of Prince Eduard of Anhalt, who is held by his mother Duchess Edda. The prince’s father Duke Joachim Ernst stands behind his wife and young son.
Photo (c) Bernd Mandel.

Born at Schloß Ballenstedt on 3 December 1941, Prince Eduard Julius Ernst August Erdmann of Anhalt was the fifth child and second son of Duke Joachim Ernst of Anhalt (1901-1947) and his second wife Editha Marwitz (1905-1986), who wed in 1929. Eduard had four older siblings: Princess Marie Antoinette (1930-1993), Princess Anna Luise (1933-2003), Prince Friedrich (1938-1963), and Princess Edda (b.1940). 

Prince Eduard and Corinne Krönlein, 1979.
Photo (c) Getty Images.
Prince Eduard and Princess Corinna of Anhalt, possibly on the date of their civil wedding.
Prince Eduard and Princess Corinna of Anhalt on the day of their religious marriage, 1986.

On 31 July 1980 at Munich, Eduard of Anhalt civilly married Corinne “Corinna” Krönlein (b.1961). The couple celebrated their religious union in 1986. Eduard and Corinna have three daughters: Princess Juliana Katharina “Juschka” (b.1980), Princess Eilika (b.1985), and Princess Felizitas (b.1993). Eduard and Corinna divorced in 2014. 

Prince Eduard, Princess Teresa zu Fürstenburg, Princess Corinna, and Baron Georg Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kászon, 1987.
Photo (c) Getty Images / United Archives.
Princess Corinna, Princess Juschka, Princess Eilika, Prince Eduard, and Princess Felizitas of Anhalt, 2012.
Photo (c) Getty Images / Adam Berry.

Prince Eduard of Anhalt is the Grand Master of the Ducal Order of Albrecht der Bär. The prince is also a board member of the Stiftung Evangelisches Anhalt and the Anhaltische Landschaft. Eduard’s memoirs and recollections of his family, entitled That Cursed Century: A Dynasty on the Edge, will be publisher later this month by Langen – Mueller Verlag. 

Many happy returns of the day to Prince Eduard!

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