Today, Count Karl Eugen von Neipperg celebrates his seventieth birthday.


Count Josef Hubert von Neipperg.

Born on 20 October 1951 at Schwaigern, Count Maria Karl Eugen Johannes Nepomuk Erwin Michael von Neipperg was the first child of Count Josef Hubert von Neipperg (1918-2020) and Countess Maria von Ledebur-Wicheln (1920-1984). Karl Eugen has seven younger siblings: Count Reinhard (b.1953), Countess Maria Anna (b.1955), Countess Franziska (b.1956), Count Stephan (b.1957), Count Christoph (b.1958), Countess Barbara (b.1960), and Count Johannes Alfred (b.1964).

Count Karl von Neipperg marries Archduchess Andrea of Austria in 1977
Archduchess Andrea and Count Karl Eugen, 1999.
Photo (c) Seeger-Presse.

In July 1977 at Pöcking, Count Karl Eugen von Neipperg married Archduchess Andrea of Austria (b.1953), daughter of Archduke Otto of Austria and Princes Regina of Saxe-Meiningen. Karl Eugen and Andrea have five children: Hereditary Count Philipp (b.1978; married Paula Wolff), Count Benedikt (b.1980), Count Dominik (b.1981; married Princess Maria Anne zu Salm-Salm), Countess Hemma (b.1983; married Roman Keno Specht), and Countess Katharina (b.1986; married Prince Wenzel von Lobkowicz). Karl Eugen is a vinter who was inspired in this path by his godfather Count Erwein Matuschka.

Our best wishes to Count Karl Eugen on his birthday!

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