Princess Daisy of Pleß and Shelagh, Duchess of Westminster
Every so often, here at EUROHISTORY, we receive a book that fills a much-needed niche in our study of European royalty and aristocracy. Much to our absolute delight, this is what THE SISTERS does so beautifully!
The book brings to the reader, in great detail, the family and life history of two remarkable women who played very prominent social role in pre-Great War European royal and aristocratic circles.
The author, Barbara Borkowy has achieved a remarkable feat!

Princess Daisy of Pleß and her sister Shelagh, Duchess of Westminster are them protagonists of this excellent study. This is, “a story that reads like an exciting period romance novel. The author zestfully and meticulously recreates the momentous lives of the sisters…” Furthermore, this expertly-written dual biography, “is a must-read for those who are fascinated by the last chatelaine of Castle Fürstenstein,” the dreamlike castle in Silesia that served as home to the Princes of Pleß.

A reviewer correctly asserted that, “Sisters is also recommended to anyone wanting to learn about the extraordinary fate of two remarkable women spanning a fascinating yet tragic period of European history.”
EUROHISTORY has been asked by the publisher in Poland to assist in giving this magnificent volume wider distribution. We are simply honored for the book is…excellent!
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