The Secretariat of Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples, has confirmed that the prince has decided to abolish to Salic Law, which governs the line of succession in the Royal House of Savoy, and to replace it with absolute primogenture. Vittorio Emanuele is the only son of the late King Umberto II of Italy and Queen Marie-José (née Belgium).  Since 2006, the claim to the Headship of the Royal House has been disputed between Vittorio Emanuele and his cousin Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta.

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy and Marina Doria

From his marriage to commoner Marina Doria, the Prince of Naples has one son: Emanuele Filiberto, who owns food trucks in Los Angeles. Emanuele Filiberto, titled as Prince of Venice by his late grandfather, has two daughters, Vittoria and Luisa, from his marriage to French actress Clotilde Courau. This move by the Prince of Naples to allow his granddaughters to become dynasts after their father, the Prince of Venice, whose dynastic status is already disputed by many Italian monarchists owing to his father’s unequal and unauthorised marriage to his mother Marina.

The documents released detailing the succession change for the main-line Savoys show that Vittorio Emanuele took the decision on 28 December 2019 at Geneva, where he lives. The Prince of Naples grants to his eldest granddaughter Vittoria (b.Geneva 28 December 2003) the titles “Princess of Carignano” (Principessa di Carignano) and “Marchioness of Ivrea” (Marchesa d’Ivrea). Vittoria of Savoy also becomes a Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus. Luisa of Savoy (b.Geneva 16 August 2006), the younger granddaughter of Vittorio Emmanuele, receives the titles of “Princess of Chieri” (Principessa di Chieri) and “Countess of Salemi” (Contessa di Salemi). Like her sister, Luisa becomes a Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus.

The Prince of Naples states that his decision has effect immediately. It is noted that the Princesses Vittoria and Luisa will accompany their father the Prince of Venice to a service on 14 March 2020 at Hautecombe Abbey to commemorate King Umberto II and Queen Marie-José.

This announcement will likely be condemned in due course by the Duke of Aosta and the Unione Monarchica Italiana (Italian Monarchist Union).

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