Princess Maryam with an Afghan nurse, 1960s.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Princess Maryam Begum of Afghanistan had passed away on 25 December. She was eighty-five years-old. Born on 2 November 1936, Princess Maryam was the fourth child and second daughter of King Mohammed Zahir Shah of Afghanistan (1914-2007) and Queen Humaira Begum (1918-2002), who wed in 1931. The princess was educated at the Malali School in Kabul. In 1960, Princess Maryam married Professor Muhammad Aziz Khan Naim (1935-1978). The couple had one son, Nadir Khan Naim (b.1965). The princess is survived by her son and her death is mourned by the Afghan royal family.

May Princess Maryam Rest in Peace. 


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