Princess Kalina of Bulgaria and her husband Kitín Muñoz are weighing a move from their home in Morroco to the home of the princess’s father, King Simeon II.

Along with their son Simeon Hassan, Princess Kalina and Mr Muñoz have made their home in Morocco for the past ten years. Among the reasons that the couple have reportedly cited for a prospective relocation to Bulgaria is to allow the princess and her son to be closer to their father and grandfather, respectively. King Simeon and Queen Margarita have a residence in Sofia.

Kalina of Bulgaria and Kitín Muñoz were married at Tsarska Bistritsa in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria on 26 October 2002. Almost five years later, on 14 March 2007, the pair welcomed their only child Simeon Hassan, who was born at Sofia, Bulgaria.

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