Prince Philip and Princess Danica of Serbia.
Photograph (c) Jakov Simovic.

Today Princess Danica of Serbia issued a message to the Serbian people on the occasion of Orthodox New Year, which is celebrated tomorrow. Danica is the wife of Prince Philip of Serbia and the daughter-in-law of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia. Following are the words of the princess:

There were difficult times, and we have known better days. 2020 has been a year full of challenges in adapting to a whole new lifestyle. We helped those who needed it most, but we need to do this more often; we honored and admired health workers and doctors who saved lives day and night, but we need to support them even more and to create safer and better working conditions for them; we advocated for responsible spending, and so we should continue to do, spending on what is necessary for us; we supported small producers and artisans, but it is important that we continue to support and buy local in the future; we supported the arts and artists, but it is very important that culture continues to thrive. We cared for our loved ones, fought to preserve our integrity, to stay mentally strong and to protect ourselves from illness. For some of us, this was hard and the disease was stronger, while some of us have been able to remain well. We were together, with our families. We did not travel, but instead we shared love selflessly, reminded ourselves that solidarity is most important in difficult moments, and we Serbs know that very well. And finally, let us congratulate ourselves on patience and endurance and continue to celebrate Life, preserve our health, and cultivate hope for a better tomorrow, which with the New Year is surely coming to us. Happy Serbian New Year to all of you! 


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