Emmanuel and Letizia in 2019.
Photograph (c) Getty Images/Henri Tullio.

Emmanuel de Noailles, Duc d’Ayen, and Letizia Bemberg recently married in France. The couple have two sons, Raphaël and Felix. 

Emmanuel de Noailles.

Born in Washington, DC, on 14 February 1983, Emmanuel Paul Louis Marie de Noailles, Duc d’Ayen, is the only son of Hélie de Noailles, 10th Duc de Noailles, and Nadèje Gonin. Emmanuel’s paternal grandparents are François de Noailles, 9th Duc de Noailles, and Charlotte de Caumont La Force. Emmanuel’s maternal grandparents are Louis Gonin and Blandine de la Forest de Divonne. 

Letizia Bemberg.

Letizia Bemberg is the daughter of Peter Bemberg and Gwendoline Levié-Ffoulke. Letizia’s paternal grandparents are Eduardo Pedro Federico Bemberg and Georgia Betty Hatch. Letizia’s maternal grandparents are Jean Jérôme Levié-Ffoulke and Etheldreda Buhan.

Our congratulations to the Duc and Duchesse d’Ayen on their marriage!

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