Newlyweds: Prince Joachim and Princess Yasmine Murat.
Photograph (c) Frederic de Natal.

On 5 March 2021, Prince Joachim Murat, Principe di Monte-Corvo, married Yasmine Briki. A civil marriage, the Murat/Briki union took place at the mairie of the 10th arrondissement in Paris. The nuptials were attended by Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia and his fiancée Victoria Romanovna Bettarini. The ceremony took place in accordance with the Covid-19 restrictions that are in place in France.

Grand Duke George of Russia, Prince Joachim Murat, Prince David Bagrationi of Georgia attend the wedding of Crown Prince Leka and Crown Princess Elia of Albania, 2016.
Photograph (c) Getty Images / Luc Castel.


Prince Joachim and Princess Yasmine Murat with their family.
Photograph (c) Frederic de Natal.

Born at Paris on 3 May 1973, Prince Joachim Napoléon Murat is the only son of Prince Joachim Louis Napoléon, 8th Prince Murat, 7th Principe di Pontecorvo (b.1944) and his first wife Laurence Marie Gabrielle Mouton (b.1945), who wed in 1969. The recent noble groom has four sisters: Princess Caroline (b.1971), Princess Laetitia (b.1975; married Denis Charissoux), and the twins Princess Elisa and Princess Pauline (b.1977). Prince Joachim Murat is a descendant of Joachim Murat, 1st Prince Murat, Grand Duke of Berg, and King of Naples, as well as his wife Caroline Bonaparte, one of the sisters of Napoléon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French. 

Princess Yasmine Murat.
Photograph (c) Instagram.
Born in Algeria on 23 February 1982, Yasmine Lorraine Briki is a descendant of a noble Yemeni family. The new Princess Murat is the CEO and Founder of the Gouvernance Think Tank and Magazine. Princess Yasmine is also the President of United Hopes.
Our congratulations to Prince Joachim and Princess Yasmine on the occasion of their wedding!
Note: One wishes to extend thanks to dear friend Frederic de Natal for informing of this princely wedding and for allowing the use his photographs. You can read his French-language article about the Murat nuptials here at his blog: Le Prince Joachim & Yasmine, un mariage royal en cette année Napoléon.

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