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Coat of Arms of the Princes of Auersperg
This weekend (either on 9 or 10 November 2019), Prince Alejandro “Alejo” of Auersperg married Soledad “Sole” Decombe Machao. The wedding took place in Uruguay. In time, Alejandro will eventually become the Head of the Princely House of Auersperg.

Alejandro was born in 1993 at Paysandú, Uruguay, as the only son and third/last child of Prince Alexander of Auersperg (b.1963) and María Graciela Leyba (b.1964), who were married in 1986. Prince Alejandro has two older sisters: Princess Ximena (b.1987), and Princess María Magdalena (b.1990). Prince Alexander of Auersperg is the second son of Fürst Adolf of Auersperg: Alexander has an elder brother, Hereditary Prince Carl Adolf (b.1962; who only has one daughter from his marriage) as well as two younger sisters, Princesses Margarita (b.1966) and Mercedes (b.1968), and a younger brother, Prince Andreas (b.1980).

Fürst Karl Adolf of Auersperg and Countess Margit Batthyány von Német-Ujvár (1937)
Prince Alejandro’s paternal grandfather, Fürst Adolf of Auersperg (b.1937), has been the head of the family since the death of Adolf’s father and Alejandro’s great-grandfather Fürst Karl Adolf in 2006. Fürst Karl Adolf of Auersperg (1915-2006) was married from 1937 until 1959 to Countess Margit Batthyány von Német-Ujvár (1914-1959).

We extend our best wishes to Prince Alejandro and Princess Soledad of Auersperg!

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