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This afternoon, as is customary for him, our longtime subscriber Phil Perry took BART from San Francisco and visited Eurohistory, where he collected his copies of Issues CXVII & CXVIII.

Besides having a good chat abut the latest royal news, as well as discussing the contents of the magazine, we had an enjoyable time with Phil.

Phil Perry collecting his magazines at Eurohistory!

Among out topics of conversation were my growing interest in pre-modern European royalty, particularly: The Plantagenets, the Wittelsbachs and Habsburgs, the Trastámaras of Castilla and Aragón, the Albrets of Navarre, the Valois, the House of Orange, the Sforza of Milan, the Nassaus, there Rurikids of Russia, the Medicis of Florence, the Gonzaga of Mantua, and oh so many more. I feel most magazines have tended to ignore this vast wealth of European royal history. Hence, EUROHISTORY hast started more research into these ancient dynasties that contributed so greatly to the development and shaping of modern Europe.

Expect more articles about these unique dynasties inside our pages!

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