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Inside Issue CXXV – Spring 2020 you will find the following articles:

1. Who Is In the Photo: Coburgs, Hesse and by Rhine, and Romanians at Tsar Nicholas II’s Coronation in 1896, by Ilana D. Miller

2. The Emirs of Bokhara, by Alex Borg

3. Deathly Rites: Mourning and Court Rituals at the Funeral of Emperor Leopold I, by Justin Vovk

4. Castles and Palaces of the House of Württemberg, by Susan Symons

5.  A Marriage for the Heiress to the Russian Throne, by Seth B. Leonard

6. Obituary: Infanta Pilar of Spain (1936-2020), by Arturo E. Beéche

7. Book Reviews

8. Royal News

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