Dear Subscribers and Readers,

After the last revisions, we have released Issue CXVIII – Volume 21.2 to the printer!

Below you can see the covers of the magazine, as well as the list of contents!

We have started putting together Issue CXIX – Volume 21.3, which will be released to the printer on Monday and ship along with Issue CXVIII.

Issue CXVII begins shipping tomorrow!




Subscription Rates

Yearly rates cover 4 issues…Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
USA                          $50.00
Canada                      $55.00
Europe                      $75.00
UK                            £50.00
Latin America           $75.00
Australia                   $75.00
New Zealand            $75.00
Rest of the World     $75.00
Payment must be mailed by check or postal money order to:
Kensington House Books
6300 Kensington Avenue
East Richmond Heights, CA 94805-1618
To pay by credit card, please call: 510.236.1730. You may also mail your credit card information to our address above or use our secure system by sending us an email at: [email protected]
We also accept Paypal at our address: [email protected]
We accept VISA, MasterCard and Venmo

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