In 2016, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia (a.k.a. HRH The Prince of Venice, grandson of King Umberto II of Italy) has been operating a food truck in Los Angeles. This year, Emanuele Filiberto will be expanding his culinary offerings by stationing a food truck in Venice, California.

“After discovering the L.A. food trucks,” says Prince Emanuele Filiberto, “I saw a need for high-quality Italian food [made] with fresh handmade pasta, and sauces. I also desired [to provide] a great customer experience.” One that was new, a purveyor preparing pasta with top-quality on the spot. “The idea was to have the best ingredients from Italy and Southern California, locally sourced organic vegetables, cage-free eggs, and free-range meats from California farms, paired with Italian flour, olive oils, and truffles.”

Reviews of the prince’s food truck are quite positive – you can check out Yelp reviews for yourself!

When in Los Angeles, give the Prince of Venice’s food truck a try: Prince of Venice Food Truck

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