Every time we choose a topic to develop in one of our books, we take a huge risk. Surely, some of our books have been instant hits, others, with more esoteric topics, have taken longer to sell as we introduce these lesser-known royal personages to our avid and knowledgeable readership.

When we first mail out copies, we await with great anticipation the initial reports from those who have pre-ordered the book or bought it immediately after it becomes available on AMAZON. We are aware that some reports may be not frat, some will be amazing. In some instances, initial reaction is simply humbling and amazing!

Well, the first reports are in for The Grand Ducal House of Hesse – and we are simply delighted with them!

“Wow guys…what a treasure…I have all your books and this one really is top three, right up there with Beeche’s The Coburgs.” – MT, Seattle, WA

“I cannot believe how quickly I got the book. I have not been able to put it down. Where and how do you manage to get the photos?” – CB, Santa Clarita, CA

“well, thanks for disrupting my work today! I ripped the box open, grabbed a coffee and started flipping through the book. By know Ilana and Art must be the world’s experts on the Hessians.” MS, Irvine, CA

“This must have taken like a long time to put together, well worth the wait, those family trees are so detailed! My one criticism is that I wish it had been even longer book. I lost count of the photos, like 400+. But I still wish you had included more, more, more…hey, maybe a second volume just Hesse-Darmstadt photos? Just saying…” – BZ, Eugene, OR

You can purchase the book on AMAZON:


Or by direct order at:

Eurohistory & Kensington House Books

6300 Kensington Avenue
East Richmond Heights, CA 94805
Phone: 510.236.1730

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