Duke Friedrich of Württemberg, eldest son of Duke Carl (Head of House) and Duchess Diane (née France), died as a consequence of a terrible automobile accident. The tragedy unfolded on May 9 in a serious accident on the county road 7962 between Ebenweiler and Fronhofen on Wednesday afternoon. In addition, three other people were injured.

Friedrich’s parents, Carl and Diane, married at Schloß Altshausen, the massive Württemberg home, on 21 July 1960. This had been the second alliance between both families as Carl’s sister Marie-Thérèse had married Diane’s brother Henri a few years earlier. 

Within months of her splendid marriage, Duchess Diane found herself pregnant, giving birth to her firstborn on June 1, 1961. The baby boy was christened with the names: Friedrich Philipp Carl Franz Maria. He was born at Friedrichshafen, another large Württemberg castle near Lake Constanz.

After achieving many goals and successes concerning his education and early role in the family business, Friedrich announced his engagement to Princess Marie zu Wied. Their religious marriage, another splendid affair, the likes of which only the Württembergs know how to stage,  took place at Altshausen on November 13, 1993.

Nine months to the day after their marriage, Friedrich and Marie welcomed their first child, Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Philipp Albrecht Nikolaus Eric Maria. The baby boy was born in Ravensburg, where his mother would later give birth to the family’s two other children: Marie-Amélie (b. 1996) and Sophie-Dorothee (b. 1997).

A news report of th
e car accident that took the life of Friedrich is found here: 


Royal friends of EUROHISTORY have communicated to us their utter shock with words like: “terrible,” “How devastating,” “Lovely guy, too soon departed.”

We wish to express our sincerest condolences to the Royal Family of Württemberg during this sad period of mourning…

May He rest in Peace!

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