Duke Carl of Württemberg, Head of the Royal House, has withdrawn from the management of his dynasty’s business affairs. The duke, who is eighty-three years-old, made the announcement at a New Year’s reception held at Schloß Altshausen. As of this year, Carl stated that his youngest son Michael will take over the administration of the family’s financial interests.

Duke Michael and Duchess Julia of Württemberg in 2011.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger

“My health is no longer in a stable enough condition for me to devote myself to all the entrepreneurial aspects of the Hofkammer.” Therefore, from now on, Duke Michael of Württemberg will be the head of the Hofkammer, which is the private administration of the House of Württemberg. Michael will work together with the Hofkammer’s president Henrik Lingenhölin. Duke Michael (b.1965) has been married since 2006 to Duchess Julia (b.1965; née Storz).


Duke Carl will remain as the Head of the Royal House of Württemberg. His successor will be his grandson, Duke Wilhelm, who is twenty-five. Wilhelm is the eldest son of Duke Friedrich of Württemberg, who died in a car accident in 2018. Friedrich was the eldest child of Duke Carl of Württemberg and his wife Duchess Diane (née Princess d’Orléans). Duke Wilhelm is completing his studies in the United Kingdom.

The Hofkammer of the Royal House of Württemberg, based in Friedrichshafen, manages the properties of the royal family: its forestry and wine-producing businesses, other agricultural holdings, and its financial assets.

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