From the left: The Duchess of Braganza, Margrave Maximilian of Baden, and Countess Maria-Immaculata Toerring-Jettenbach.

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Countess Maria Immaculata of Toerring-Jettenbach, widow of Count Hans Heribert (1903-1977).

Archduchess Marie Alice of Austria (1913)

Born on 27 July 1921 in Harmas-Hutta, Hungary, Baroness Maria Immaculata Waldbott von Bassenheim was the daughter of Baron Friedrich Heinrich Waldbott von Bassenheim (1889-1959) and his wife Archduchess Maria-Alice of Austria (1893-1962), the eighth child of Archduke Albrecht of Austria, Duke of Teschen and of his wife, the former Princess Isabella of Croÿ.

Count Hans Veit zu Toerring-Jettenbach and Duchess Sophie Adelheid in Bavaria with their children: Carl Theodor, Marie José, and Hans Heribert.

Count Hans Heribert was the third child and second son of Count Hans Veit zu Toerring-Jettenbach (1862-1929) and Duchess Sophie Adelheid in Bavaria (1875-1957). Hans Heribert was firstly married morganatically in 1938 to Victoria Lindpaintner (1918-1965). The marriage, childless, ended in divorce in 1947. Then, on 10 December 1947, Hans Heribert married secondly Baroness Maria Immaculata von Waldbott-Bassenheim.

Countess Maria-Immaculata Toerring-Jettenbach.

Hans Heribert and Maria Immaculata had five children: Alice (b. 1949); Marie-José (b. 1950); Hans-Caspar (b. 1953), who married Countess Elisabeth von Waldburg zu Zeil u. Trauchburg (b. 1954), by whom he had five children, including two sons; Maximilian-Gaudenz (1955-1997); and Sophie (b. 1957).

The five children of Count Hans-Caspar and Countess Elisabeth were Maria-Immaculata’s only grandchildren. They are: Maria Antonia (b. 1981), married to Count Felix von Spiegel sum Diesenberg-Hanxleden (b. 1975); Elenore (b. 1984), married to Prince Franz Clemens von Altenburg (b. 1985); Fernanda (b. 1985), married to Maximilian Doebler; Cajetan (b. 1986), engaged to Princess Theresa of Liechtenstein; and Georg Clemens (b. 1989).

Countess Maria-Immaculata passed away on September 7 at her home in Duunzelbach, Bavaria. Due to the pandemic, the family has organized a small private funeral for her on September 12, 2020.

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