Each year, many of us send Christmas cards to cherished family and friends. Oftentimes, for those of us who are royal enthusiasts, we also mail letters containing good wishes to royals around the world whom we admire. This year, my favourite over-the-seas Christmas card came from Nicholas and Alina-Maria of Romania. They are a very kind couple – dedicated to charitable endeavours and devoted to their country. Nicholas is the grandson of King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania. Nicholas and Alina married in 2018 at Sinaia in what was the first royal wedding in Romania since that of Princess Ileana, the great-great-aunt of Nicholas, in 1931. Last year, Nicholas and Alina founded the Asociatia Principele Nicolae (Prince Nicholas Association), a nonprofit organisation that aims to continue the mission started by his ancestors, the kings and queens of Romania. Nicholas and Alina are focused in furthering historical and ecological projects. I hope that 2020 brings Nicholas and Alina all the best: they certainly deserve it!

To learn more about the Prince Nicholas Association, you can visit this link: Asociatia Principele Nicolae

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