The Dowager Princess Napoléon (née Princess Clémentine of Belgium), her daughter-in-law the Princess Napoléon (née Alix de Foresta), and her son the Prince Napoléon. The trio are here photographed near their residence at Prangins, near Lausanne, in 1949.

14 November 1910: the marriage of Prince Victor Napoléon and Princess Clémentine of Belgium
Princess Clémentine of Belgium (1872-1955) was the third daughter and fourth and last child of King Léopold II of the Belgians and Queen Marie Henriette (née Austria). In 1910, Clémentine married Prince Victor Napoléon, the son of Prince Napoléon Bonaparte and Princess Clotilde of Savoy. Clémentine and Victor had two children: Princess Marie Clotilde (1912-1996) and Prince Louis (1914-1997). Prince Victor Napoléon died in 1926, aged sixty-three. Princess Clémentine Napoléon died in 1955, aged eighty-two.

16 August 1949: the marriage of Prince Louis Napoléon and Alix de Foresta 
The Princess Napoléon in her wedding gown

Prince Louis Napoléon married Alix de Foresta (b.1926) in 1949. The couple have four children: the twins, Prince Charles and Princess Catherine (b.1950); Princess Laure (b.1952), and Prince Jérôme (b.1957). Prince Louis died in 1997, aged eighty-three. His widow Princess Alix, now ninety-four, lives at Prangins, Switzerland. 

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