William, Viscount Stormont.
Photograph (c) Robert Ormerod.
Charlotte Clune.
Photograph from LinkedIn.

On 20 February 2021, the engagement was announced between William Murray, Lord Stormont (b.1 November 1988) and Charlotte Clune (b.December 1989).

William Philip David Mungo Murray, Viscount Stormont, is the eldest son of Alexander Murray, 9th Earl of Mansfield, 8th Earl of Mansfield (b. 17 October 1956), and his wife Sophia Mary Veronica Ashbrooke (b.22 January 1959), who married in 1985. Lord Stormont’s paternal grandparents are William David Mungo James Murray, 7th Earl of Mansfield, 8th Earl of Mansfield (7 July 1930-21 October 2015) and Pamela Joan Foster, who married on 19 December 1955. Lord Stormont’s maternal grandparents are Philip Biden Derwent Ashbrooke (d.1993) and Veronica Philippa Stourton (b.31 October 1929), who married on 23 October 1954.
Charlotte Nevling Clune is the daughter Jonathan Edward Clune (b.17 December 1952) and his wife Sarah Gordon Potter (b.17 August 1950), who married on 10 September 1983 at the First Congregational Church, Deep River, CT. Charlotte’s paternal grandparents are Edward Conrad Clune (17 November 1921-14 March 2004) and Margaret Mary Fagan (14 April 1916-June 1990), who married on 19 June 1950. Charlotte’s maternal grandparents are Edward Barrie Vernon Potter (9 December 1920-8 May 2010) and Gloria Gordon (15 June 1927-29 October 2009), who married on 1 October 1949.
Our best wishes to the happy couple!

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