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On 1 April 2019, Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta gave an interview to Corriere della Sera, an Italian daily newspaper published in Milan.

Following is a brief excerpt…

Aimone di Savoia: “My life as a Savoy, as a relative of the Tsars in Putin’s Russia”

During a private visit to Turin, the first capital of Italy, we catch up with the prince who is the husband of Princess Olga of Greece. Prince Aimone states: “The Italian monarchy? It will not come back. But history must always be read with a sense of perspective.”

At the end of the visit, Aimone’s daughter Isabella “collapsed.” In the rooms of Royal Palace in Turin, the third child of Aimone of Savoy-Aosta, aged six, asks her father for help. And she finds it in the arms of Aimone. “I wanted to take them to Turin, the first capital of Italy under the Savoys: Umberto, who is ten years-old, asked me to draw a family tree of the Savoys, and I promised him that we will do so in the summer, when we are in Apulia,” he explains to Corriere.

Aimone, who is fifty-one and the son of Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, is the most bashful of the Savoys. “I was small and Dad forced me to study our family tree, many times.” Married to Olga of Greece, Aimone recalls, “we met at the wedding of the Infanta Elena, daughter of King Juan Carlos, and when King Felipe VI, my cousin, comes to Moscow, we try to see each other.”

For the full interview with Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta, please visit this link: Aimone di Savoia: «La mia vita di Savoia, parente degli zar nella Russia di Putin»

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