Don Scipione Borghese and Donna Barbara Massimo

After seven years of marriage and twenty-six years of partnership, Don Scipione Borghese and his wife Donna Barbara Massimo have welcomed the arrival of their first child: Don Camillo. The little boy was born at Rome on Wednesday, 22 April 2020. Camillo’s father is forty-nine, and his mother is fifty-four years-old.

Don Scipione Borghese was born on 19 November 1970 at Rome as the second child and only son of Don Camillo Borghese (1927-2011) and Rosana Nucci (1933-1981), who married in 1958. Scipione has one older sister, Donna Flaminia Borghese (b.1959). In 2013, Don Scipione Borghese married Donna Barbara Massimo of the Princes Arsoli. The couple began dating in 1994, and they became engaged in 2007.

Donna Barbara Massimo was born on 4 June 1965 at Rome. Her parents are the late Don Filippo Massimo (1938-2008), Prince of Arsoli, and Maria Luigia Capparella (b.1942), who married in 1962 and separated in 1978. Barbara has one older brother, Don Fabrizio Massimo (b.1963), Prince of Arsoli.

Barbara’s paternal grandmother was Princess Maria Adelaide of Savoy-Genoa (1904-1979), who in 1935 married Don Leone Massimo (1896-1979), Prince of Arsoli. Through his mother, the newborn Don Camillo Borghese is a descendant of King Carlo Alberto I of Sardinia, King Johann of Saxony, King Ludwig I of Bavaria, King Carlos IV of Spain, and King Francesco I of The Two Sicilies. Uniting two historic families, Camillo also descends from many of the ancient noble dynasties of Rome.

Source: Nobiltà, nato a Roma l’erede del principe Scipione Borghese e Barbara Massimo

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